Wedding Venue: The Mango Farm

Sunday, November 26, 2017

It's a month now since Radney and I got married, and for the past few months, we were both occupied with planning, preparations and errands. Even if we had enough time to prepare, 1 year and 2 months of engagement to be exact, I cannot say that we were totally 'chill'. Somehow, we've felt the stress, pressure and the nerves. We had nightmares too, such as epic fail suppliers, typhoon, flood, hundred guest absences on the wedding day, etc. But thank God, none of those bad scenarios happened in real life as we were able to pull-off our dream outdoor ceremony. It was at The Mango Farm (TMF) in Antipolo, Rizal, our top choice for a garden wedding venue.. in actuality, it really is a mango farm! :)  

Initially, we were aiming for a Tagaytay venue, but out of the blue, we had this "Are you thinking what I am thinking" moment when Radney said, "Why don't we consider Antipolo instead?". And then I replied, "Actually, I'm browsing about The Mango Farm Antipolo now, I like it! It's beautiful!". I consider that time as a coincidence because he was eyeing the same place too. Just by looking at the photos online, we already felt this "This is it!" feeling.

We've booked the venue (the air conditioned glass pavilion + garden) as early as September 2016 because we wanted to secure our wedding date and we knew how in demand this place was for special events such as weddings and debuts. It's nice to know that they only cater one event per day and we can use the entire venue exclusively for 7 hours (excluding preparation time and egress of suppliers). Not just once but we've done multiple oculars to see the changes in the place, as we noticed there were minor constructions happening most of the time. It was very relaxing at TMF, when there's no event, this 2.5 hectare land with around 200 mango trees is very quiet, it is well-maintained, the whole farm is clean and green. Aside from the plants and trees, every corner is to love especially the brick walls and the patios.

The Administration Office - during our first ocular, we were assisted by Dylan Gozum of Vatel Manila as he is also the Operations Manager of The Mango Farm. Inside the office is where they welcome guests and give the brochures. Most of our inquiries and contract signing were exchanged through emails. The farm's rules and regulations are well-stated in the contract and their staff gave us prompt replies as well.

The Bridal Salon - this is the air-conditioned holding area for the bride and groom during prenuptial shoots and before the wedding reception. It has a couch and a clean comfort room (I wasn't able to take photos inside). It is perfect for retouches but it is still necessary to book for a separate hotel/accommodation for wedding preparation.

TMF rental has an inclusive 5-hour use of the venue on a  chosen non-event day for a prenup shoot, 'though we were not able to avail it since we already had our shoot at Zambales.

The Avenida - this area of the farm with healthy grass and lined mango trees on both sides is considered as the main outdoor ceremony venue. However, in case of weather disturbances, the farm follows Plan A to D protocols:

Plan A: As Is. (The ceremony will be held here at the Avenida)
Plan B (Wet Grounds, but Sunny Day): Ceremony is moved to the paved Plaza.
Plan C (Rainy): Plaza, but tent needs to be rented.
Plan D (Typhoon): Everything inside the Glass Pavilion.

Note: The soil can be soft sometimes so it is better for the bride and guests (ladies) to wear block heels or flat shoes instead of stilettos. This area can be muddy on rainy days.

Plaza Gat Tayaw - this is another wedding ceremony venue at the farm with paved aisle and flooring but is still surrounded with lush mango trees. As I mentioned above, for couples choosing Avenida as ceremony venue, if in case the soil is wet and muddy, this will be the Plan B location. But as I've noticed, even if the weather is perfectly sunny, several couples still prefer this area over the Avenida.

By the way, this was where our ceremony took place as we had no choice but to go on Plan B. Typhoon Paolo then had left PAR only a day before our wedding, there were still occasional rainshowers. Nonetheless, we were still very happy with the set-up at the plaza, no regrets! We still had our photo shoot at the Avenida after the ceremony together with our entourage, they were so game and we didn't care about the mud anymore. :)

The Chapel - the farm has a beautiful chapel with transparent glass walls but is only for the farm owner's family use. It cannot be rented as ceremony area.

The Glass Pavilion - we knew that October will be a rainy month, although it looks cool to have a rustic dinner reception outdoors (as what we see on Pinterest and blogs), it is still safe and better to have it inside the Pavilion. It is air conditioned, rustic chandeliers are pre-installed, and there is a designated area for the band upstairs. It can accommodate up to a maximum of 250 guests, ours was only 130 and we had ample space for dance floor and had our photo booth set-up inside.

We noticed that there was no comfort room inside the Pavilion but there was a near one located a few steps outside. We were concerned with our elderly guests so we asked one of the staff the reason why. She said that it is for sanitary reasons as the pavilion was built above a natural stream of water.

The Sunken Garden - this is another event area right in front of the Glass Pavilion. It is like a small version of the Avenida with green grass but younger mango trees. Fireworks are strictly prohibited at TMF to protect the trees but we were allowed to light our sparklers in this area.

La Carmen Lanai - for me, this area has the most beautiful patio. The bench with throw pillows is a picture perfect spot. Cocktails are usually served here.

Under the Glass Pavilion and at the rear part of the farm was a natural stream. It flows up to the newly extended bridge near the Avenida and is mostly covered with waterlilies.

22 Shield St., Kingsville Court 
Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines

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  3. Hello Grace,

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