Tying The Knot Film: Radney and Grace (Anawangin Cove, Zambales)

Sunday, November 12, 2017

We were so happy with the outcome of our engagement photo session, everything was perfectly captured and enhanced just the way we wanted, dreamed and imagined it to be. The sea, sand, forest, mountains, rivers and natural light... Anawangin Cove is indeed a total package location. Then a week before our wedding, Roadtale released our tying the knot film (others may call it 'Save the Date', but we chose not to include our "date" on the video and only shared it to our guests during the wedding reception), the video shoot was done in parallel with the photo session. We absolutely love every second of it and had it played almost a hundred times! The videography was tastefully, aesthetically and artistically done! The aerial shots of tall pine trees, mountains and shallow river on wide angles, the natural forest smokes, the actual rolling waves, the natural flow of the dresses I wore, they were all perfectly captured to make an excellent almost 3-minute short film! What I like about the concept is that it matches the poem I composed especially for Radney, which is shown like a subtitle, 'though positioned in the middle to emphasize the words.

Radney and Grace - Tying The Knot from Roadtale on Vimeo.

"It all started with unique tales of melancholic pasts..
As our paths crossed, we dig deeper to see what's inside each other's heart..
We're not even looking for perfection..
Simply pure bliss that rose from unconcealed, honest attraction..
Turning teardrops into sunshine..
Painting faces with beautiful smiles..
From youthful minds, 
we've found maturity to conquer rivers, mountains and seas..
Side by side, hand on hand..
Let's explore the world together and start fulfilling our dreams..
For a single seed may grow a tree then a forest,
like our love each day it grows fonder..
Many years may pass but nothing will wither..
With all the passion,
we shower each other with overflowing generosity..
Delightful memories are sparkling treasures that will never cease."

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