Pinto Art Museum

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Seems that Rizal province is becoming our second home. Since we started scouting for the perfect garden venue for our upcoming wedding, we keep coming back to Antipolo, Rizal. Yes, you've read it right, our big day will happen in the province named after our National Hero. Supposedly, we want the event to happen in Metro Tagaytay, I've blogged previously about Forest Barn but we don't want to spend too much on out of town fees for all our suppliers.

Of course, the best part after supplier meet-ups are the side trips. I'm inspired by Instagram so much and I'm seeing a lot of posts from people I follow about Pinto Art Museum, a popular art gallery in the town. Since we were just 5 minutes away, I asked Radney if we can drop by and he agreed. Aside from being a home of contemporary artworks, it is also a popular prenuptial shoot location. Photoshoot rates are a bit pricey as it ranges from Php7,500- Php15,000 but I'm sure it will be worth it as they have lush gardens, patios, uniquely architectured structures and colorful canvases that are perfect background for pictorials. Air-conditioned preparation room will be provided for the couple and the suppliers and take note that some areas are exclusively used for photo shoots, wherein regular visitors are restricted.

It is located inside Grand Heights subdivision. The place is residential, therefore silence must be observed to keep the privacy of the residents of the village.We went there early before the 9 AM opening. We parked our car  slightly in front of the main entrance and we waited with few people outside until it opened. It was a weekend, soon after we entered, many people started to arrive. My initial impression about the place was that it is just a small house turned into a museum where creative art pieces are displayed. It was indeed beautiful, Instagram-worthy on all spots and corners, but I was wrong that it is small. It is actually huge and it took us two hours to explore the area and see all exhibits inside.

The galleries are contained in Mediterranean-inspired halls. I'm really in love with the roughly plastered white walls and the sand beige stairs. It reminds me of our house which is all-white. I'm sharing below the photos of my favorite spots and art pieces. :)

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