Tobuan Beach and Cabalitian Island

Friday, February 10, 2017

Labrador is a town in Pangasinan province which I haven't heard of until my cousin-in-law invited us to go to her parent's place. At that time, we were also looking for a beach in the north. Listening to the waves while walking barefoot along the warm sand in a beach is therapeutic for stroke patients according to my old relatives and neighbors. Although I'm not sure if there's a medical explanation for that, we gave it a try to bring my father to the beach for his fast recovery.

Less than 5 kilometers away from my cousin-in-law's house was Tobuan beach. It's popular in the town since it's easily accessible and has the typical dark gray sand. It is not really a tourist spot for swimming activity but most kids living nearby consider this as their playground. There are cottages for rent and comfort rooms on the side. Several small boats are docked which I taught were being used for fishing.

In Tobuan beach, a boat man approached us and offered to tour us in a nearby island with white sand. For 500 pesos, he can take up to seven people in Cabalitian Island. We asked if he can take us to Hundred Islands but according to him it will take us 1 hour or more to reach this popular tourist destination. Like Tobuan beach, Cabalitian is an island we haven't heard of. So the man suggested to google for pictures. The shore is small and the beach looks uncommercialized. While waiting for my father's therapy session, some of us agreed to join the quick tour.

Upon reaching the island, I noticed that it was a bit similar to Banana Island in Coron, Palawan but this one is smaller. And since it is not a famous tourist destination, we were the only people swimming in the beach. We really enjoyed the privacy. It was quiet, peaceful and beautiful. Coconut trees are planted on the shoreline. The view was so relaxing that we even took a nap in one of the cottages. It was a good decision to visit the place even if it was just for 3 hours, we had to go back to Tobuan beach for lunch.

Tobuan Beach

Cabalitian Island

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