The Forest Barn

Sunday, February 12, 2017

One of the most exciting part of wedding planning is the ocular visit for the wedding venue. Radney and I have been searching for the perfect location of our upcoming "big day". Our main consideration is we wanted it outdoors but still private and solemn, we wanted it either on a beach or a garden. We have shortlisted a few venues and I wanted to share one of the places we've visited. We drove from Caloocan all the way to Alfonso, Cavite to scout for the first ever rustic events venue in the Philippines, "The Forest Barn". Unlike the other wedding venues in Tagaytay proper, this place is not yet so mainstream but is considered as part of Metro Tagaytay.

The place is not so hard to find but it will take 2.5 hrs travel time starting from Quezon City. It was already in the afternoon when we reached the place. At that time it was cool, probably because it is surrounded by many trees. It is not a garden venue but more like a mini-forest. There are two possible venues that can be used, the Big Red Barn and The Gazebo.

The Entrance - what I love about this place is that it is so dreamy and unique. Plus factor is the red color of the fences. It is a favorite spot for prenup pictorials. No need for too much props since the fence itself, the lamps, the gravel and withered leaves can be considered as a beautiful background.

The Gazebo - this is where the ceremony can take place. It has the longest outdoor aisle I've ever seen! If you would like a Twilight Saga-inspired wedding then this venue is absolutely for you. Just behold at the perfectly lined tall mahogany trees on both sides of the aisle. The bride can start walking in the middle since it is actually very long and it is not difficult to walk on heels as the aisle is completely tiled. It has also built in concrete benches that can accommodate up to 100 guests. But for additional seating capacity, you can request to add more chairs. For me, just a minimal floral set-up is needed here since it is already naturally fresh and presentable and I just can imagine walking down the aisle here like a fairy tale.

Another favorite prenup spot is this area near the gazebo which contains most of the trees. This is where the cocktail hour happens right after the wedding ceremony. Beacuse the soil is covered with piles of dry leaves, this part gives the autumn-feel.

The Big Red Barn - I always fancy anything red, it is just a strong color. Technically, a barn is a storage for hays, grains and agricultural products but the "Big Red Barn" is a reception venue that can accommodate up to 350 people. For a wedding, it is really big enough. What I like about the barn is that it already has the drapings and large chandeliers installed. As of the moment, it is non-airconditioned but can be equipped with air coolers, as explained by the management, they want to keep it that way to preserve the rustic barn theme. They also assured that even during summer, it is not hot inside.

Located under the barn is the kitchen and preparation area for the caterers. It is very spacious and since it is on the basement, catering stuffs are not visible to the guests.

There's also a retouch room for the bride equipped with a small bed and a comfort room. It is a small room and not advisable as preparation room for the wedding. The receptionist suggested to look for other accommodations outside especially for the bride's family and entourage. The nearest is Abagatan Ti Manila Hotel, which I will also blog about on my next post.

P.S. I absolutely love this place but unfortunately, we didn't book for it. This was actually our second option but I'm still sad with our decision. The reason is that we have to consider that our families and most of our guests are coming from the north and is not easy to travel especially for the old guests.

Purok 4, Kaysuyo, Alfonso, Metro Tagaytay, Cavite
For Inquiries: Tel Nos. +63 995 6301434  ; +63 921 4084514
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  1. We had our youngest daughter's wedding at this place. Everything at DC wedding venues was spot-on perfect, the venue, the food, the view, the service and fortunately even the weather. Cannot recommend the manager and his staff more!!!


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