Dahilayan Adventure Park

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Since we availed a hassle-free white water rafting and zipline package from Great White Water Tours Corp., right after eating our lunch and taking a quick shower in its headquarters in CDO, we immediately went to Bukidnon for the ZipXtreme adventure. The travel time was almost 2 hours and we passed along Camp Phillips, the Del Monte Pineapple's 23-hectare plantation in Bukidnon. The weather was perfectly fine and it was breezy in Dahilayan Adventure Park. Before starting with the activities, we ordered our hotdog sandwiches and sodas in the canteen, snack was included in the package.

The first two ziplines (320 meters and 150 meters) were perfect for beginners. The park can be viewed from above. The last one is the 840 meters dual zipline, it is tagged as Asia's first longest dual zipline. For all the activities, everyone was required to wear a harness and a helmet. For the third zipline which was the highlight, we had to wear the superman style harness. A 4WD vehicle service brought us to the launch tower. It was a bumpy ride into the forest going up, adding more thrill. At the starting point before our release, we were instructed to extend our arms to control our speed. I savored every second gliding, the lush forest canopy below was absolutely breathtaking!

After completing all three ziplines, we went to Pine Grove Mountain lodge for our set meal. It is located inside the park. Early dinner was included in our package. The restaurant was tidy, cozy and quiet. Windows in the dining area were made of clear glass giving a very refreshing view of the pine trees outside. We had to choose between ribs and fish and we were delighted with the large servings. We went back to CDO after finishing our food to rest in our hotel.

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  1. Hellow sir/ma'am. I'm Marissa Pelerio an Agriculture student.. Thank you for this information about Bukidnon I can use it for my projects and if you want sir/ma'am. Can I see more information about Bukidnon Thanks for your information... God bless and more power to come😇


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