Spring Season in Nami Island

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Nami Island a.k.a. Namiseom Island or Naminara Republic became a popular tourist destination because it is where the most memorable scene from Korean romance series 'Winter Sonata' was filmed. That was the only thing I know about the place when we went there maybe because I just go with the flow with our itinerary and never really did some research about it. I've watched from some travel shows that featured the island covered with snow during winter season and it was very beautiful and all-white. The tourists were fashionably wearing winter clothes, some were building snowman, some were enjoying the skiing activities. Maybe next time I can try those but our scheduled trip to South Korea was spring season, still, I was very excited to see and feel the island's natural theme, the wonderful colors of spring. :)

Nami Island is located outside Seoul but faster to reach via ITX (Intercity Train eXpress), we took the train up to Gapyeong Station. The season of spring was still so cold but manageable upon wearing a jacket. We went to the island on a Thursday morning, a lot of tourists also went the same day, some were foreigners like us but mostly were Koreans. We started walking on the island while eating ice cream. The roads were not paved but soiled. The leaves from different tree varieties paint the entire island with green, pink, orange and brown. The little squirrels welcomed us, they were very playful and not afraid of people, they even ate some biscuits we left on the ground.

Here's the Gapyeong Terminal. I took the picture while I was on the bus stop, waiting for the bus that will bring us to Nami's ferry terminal.

The ferry that took us to Nami Island can accommodate a lot of passengers and flags of different countries surround it. I prefer to stand outside to feel the fresh air and catch the morning view.

The beauty of nature... a peaceful horizon where we can actually see the body of water surrounding the island. We sat on the benches under the trees while looking at the flow of the Han River.

No filter needed here but this part of the island gave us a natural brownish hue. The playful squirrels match the color of the soil.

Pink blossoms and red leaves made a perfect background (except for the photobombers! Well we can't avoid them.. :p)

 The Pine Tree Lane.. the aisle with a string of white lanterns...

The Metasequoia Lane.. it is the main attraction and the exact location of the Winter Sonata scene. The perfectly-lined tall trees with slender bodies and few sprouts looked so elegant.

The Maple Lane gave a hue of brownish red..

We had our lunch at Nammoon Restaurant, it is the premier Korean restaurant in Nami.

We took a nap while waiting for the next bus schedule.. our next stop will be Petite France. :)

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