Petite France

Saturday, November 19, 2016

After our Nami Island day tour, we still had an hour to visit Petite France. Actually, while we were preparing our itinerary, Radney asked me to choose between Garden of the Morning Calm and Petite France. The former is the oldest private garden in Korea while the latter is a French-inspired cultural village. I've chosen the latter just for a simple reason, it was one of My Love From Another Star's shooting location, one of my favorite Korean romantic-comedy series starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun. Aside from that, I wanted to see these colorful French-inspired cultural village situated on top of a hill.

We just really had a quick tour inside this village. I took snaps in a hurry because I wanted to explore the entire place but we only had less than an hour remaining before the next bus schedule. The buildings were colorful and it reminds me so much of McKinley Hill in Taguig, Philippines, it also features colorful buildings but Italian-inspired. 

Petite France was so chic and romantic. The string of lights and the light poles, I can imagine it so dreamy at night.

I seriously wanted to take home these items. LOL! I fell in love with these vintage cookwares displayed on the floor. They'll be perfect to be displayed on white kitchen cabinets.

I took a picture of this room with Jun Hi Hyun's poster. It's because she slept here in the sofa in one of her scenes.

This is my favorite spot.. overlooking Nami covered in light fog.

Does it look like I'm in France? I haven't been to any place in Europe. But who knows, maybe I'm about to blog it someday.. 

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