N Seoul Tower

Saturday, November 26, 2016

The N Seoul Tower is the highest point of Seoul. It is also known as the Namsan Tower since it is located at the top of Namsan Mountain. It is one of the most sought after tourist destination in South Korea as it is where you can see the 360° panoramic view of its capital city. It was supposedly on the first day of our 6D5N trip. After we checked into our rooms in Kimchee Downtown Guesthouse, we had a quick rest and went straight to Myeongdong via subway. When we went out the train station, it was raining cats and dogs in the area. It was freaking cold and the streets were so gloomy. We didn't bring umbrellas and our clothes were not enough for the cold weather. We waited for the rain to subside in a shelter but no luck so went back to the guesthouse instead.

The weather was perfect on our second attempt. The Myeongdong streets were lively and as I have captured below, the tower was peeking out from one of the streets.

From Myeongdong train station, we walked towards the Namsan cable car station for about 10-15 minutes. It lifted us up to the foot of the tower. I was so happy because trekking was not required.

The car was made of crystal clear glass and the view was spectacular. It was just a short cable car ride so I savored every moment instead of taking too many selfies while we're moving up.

Here's my first glance upon exit from the cable car station at the peak of the Namsan Mountain. The wide wooden stairs add a minimal rustic feel on the entrance. 

Finally.. we're closer to the tower. It was so tall, we weren't able to capture the entire tower in one photo. There were also skilled photographers that can take and print your picture with the best angle for a certain amount. It is not just a communications and broadcasting tower, there are museums, restaurants and observatories inside.

Neon colored love locks piled up and shaped like trees showed how great the number of visitors had been to this very romantic place. And FYI, it's not required to put one.

Even the decks were filled with hundreds of thousands of colorful love locks and promises. I'm really in love with this place.

Before leaving, we've found this corner so fresh, relaxing and romantic. The entire view was perfect. For sure, I will forever treasure this amazing moment.

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