Everland Tulip Festival

Friday, August 19, 2016

South Korea is one of the countries I really wanted to visit. Honestly, my love for 2NE1 and BigBang brought me here. Their music and fashion statements are awesome! Sandara Park and G-Dragon are my personal favorites. I really wanted to experience how was it like to be in their country, like how's the weather, how's their food, how's their transportation, and many more. Seeing Dara and GD in person was not my goal actually, I'm willing to wait if ever they will have a comeback concert in Manila.

This trip abroad was also one of the most memorable for me and Rad. At that time, we didn't travel along with friends but rather with his entire family. It was such a great relief when all our tourist visas were approved by the Korean Embassy in the Philippines, all ten of us and a baby. We were all very excited!

There were two kids with us and we're all kids at heart, of course, we will not skip to visit Everland, the largest theme park in South Korea. It was spring season last April and the theme of the park is Tulip Festival. It was cool and sunny, a perfect day indeed. You won't imagine my face so amazed when I saw millions of tulips planted all over the theme park in different varieties and in different colors! And oh, they are real flowers! Tulip will always be my favorite flower, especially the red ones but they are a bit pricey in the Philippines.

The season of cherry blossoms was almost over on the week that we were in S. Korea. However, we still manage to see few trees with blooms. We took a lot of pictures on the trees, we were all excited to see and touch cherry blossoms for the very first time.

We spent the entire day in Everland. Every corner of the theme park was colorful and picture perfect. Radney and I, together with his sibs experienced some of the most thrilling rides. We survived the famous T-Express, the world's fourth steepest wooden roller coaster, well.. according to Wikipedia! Double Rock Spin was also intense, we kept spinning for 360° to the beat of rock 'n roll music. The Sky Cruise and Human Sky were the cable car rides available for everyone when going from one place to another (uphill or downhill).

We waited for the Moonlight Parade to cap off the night. The park showcased vibrant floats and street dancers with thousands of colorful lights. We were all smiles watching the amazing show and the street dancers were energetic and giving us a high five. We may have skipped a lot of attractions because of time limitations but that was fine because we still have a reason to come back.

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