Barasoain Church

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Barasoain Church a.k.a. Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Parish located in Malolos, Bulacan is one of the most important churches in the Philippine History. It was the birthplace of the first Philippine Republic and where the first Philippine President, Emilio Aguinaldo was proclaimed in 1899. How can we separate the Church and the State here?? 'Just kidding! I'm pretty sure when you search on the internet about the history of this religious site, you'll see thousands of results, researches and articles like I did. I think I was in Grade 3 when I had the chance to enter this church for the first time during our educational field trip. A bit funny since the place is just 7 kilometers away from our home in Guiguinto. It is not just a church but is also a historical site and museum. During my student days, it was just a norm for me to pass by the church while riding a "karatig"-type jeep. I never had a chance to go inside again until last Palm Sunday, out of nowhere, I decided to drop by. The Sunday masses were already finished during that afternoon, even the front doors were closed but people can still enter the church through the museum entrance. I love how pure and neat it was on the inside. The altar, the ceilings, the murals and the chandeliers are well-maintained. On the outside, I fell in love with its façade, the carvings on the doors....the entire landscape. There's even a statue of the late President Emilio Aguinaldo on its plaza and a raised Philippine flag. At that quiet moment, the place tickled my religiosity and patriotism at the same time.

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