Sa Kabukiran

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Heartbroken. Sepanx. Goodbyes. Not only these emotions can be related to failed relationships but also applies to 'letting go' of a beloved piece of land. This was what our family felt and is still feeling right now when we had no choice but to sell our rice farm ('bukid') in Guiguinto, Bulacan. It will be developed to a subdivision by Goldridge Estate. The land i'm writing about was not big, not even a hectare, but it was full of memories and stories since its glorious days during the 1950's up to its barren days starting year 2000. My grandfather Francisco Joson (a.k.a Tata Kikoy), a very industrious farmer during his time, was the original owner. When he passed away in 1992, the property was inherited by my mother and her 3 siblings.

Here are just some of the 'bukid' memories that we will never forget and can pass on to our family's next generation:

1. Flying kites during summer (school break). We used to create kites from scratch made from sando bags, walis tingting and thread from our mothers' sewing machine.

2. Picking-up duck eggs from the 'pilapil' at morning and will mix it raw with rice for breakfast.
3. Making sampaguita garlands and sell it to our neighbors. Early in the morning, we pick the flower buds to fill our dippers or 'tabo'. The scent of Sampaguita flowers was just so heavenly! We used to have abundant sampaguita bushes. We used natural abaca strings from the banana trunk.
4. Harvesting mangoes (manggang piko and Indian mango), watermelons and organic bananas. Part of the profit were used to pay for the land taxes.
5. As kids, we built our headquarters ('bahay-bahayan') at the top of a tree. We climbed up and down. We were fearless.
6. Taking a bath and washing the dishes at the water pump or 'poso'.
7. Sacks of rice piled up inside our house during harvest season. No need to buy them then.
8. Playing with butete (tadpoles), bulig (snakehead fish), salagubang (June beetle) , salaginto (golden tortoise beetle) and alitaptap (fireflies).
9. We used to have a swing stranded between two tree trunks (acacia and mango trees). It was made of black fish net. It was so sturdy, me and my cousins can fit all at the same time.
10. We used to have several pets like dogs, cats and chickens. We cook and eat the chickens on occasions.

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