Cure Natural Aqua Gel

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Oh hello everyone! I've been on hiatus for several months because I'm so busy at work. We just had the most stressful release and I feel like I've been deprived of free time and sleep. I hate to admit it but all the stress and worries plus the hormonal imbalance thing are showing on my skin. I'm having very bad breakouts and dry skin and it makes me feel uncomfortable and unconfident. I plan to visit Dermcare, my favorite skin clinic for a facial and diamond peel session but I get too lazy sometimes especially during the weekends because I just want to stay at home and sleep all day. Good thing, I realized I have this go-to product in my closet I bought a few months ago. It's a water-based exfoliator, the Cure Natural Aqua Gel which I bought in Beauty Bar Trinoma. It is so gentle on skin and you'll see white residues when you massage it on the face on a circular motion. It proves that dead skin cells are slowly being removed from the surface of the skin. Aside from the face, it can also be used on different body parts such as the elbows, knees and even underarms. Skin experts advice that it is best to use this product twice a week. Currently, it holds the record of selling 1 bottle every 7.5 seconds in Japan. Imagine that! Even before it was introduced in the Philippines, this product is really a Japanese skin care craze. :)

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