Shine or Go Crazy

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Korean entertainment industry has greatly influenced our country, it started around 2003 when the Philippine television started airing several Korean series dubbed in Filipino language (Tagalized) and lately the invasion of the K-pop music genre. I admit, I'm really one of those who love their culture so much. Of course, I love our very own Filipino culture but I also appreciate Korean people, I really find them friendly and respectful, aside from having almost perfect skin which I envy!!! :) Currently, I love watching Korean series more than listening to K-pop. I'm really hooked with this new Korean series from MBC channel, 'Shine or Go Crazy' (Hangul:  빛나거나 미치거나Romanized: Bitnageona Michigeona), starring Jang Hyuk, Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Ha Nui.

Shine or Go Crazy is a historical drama but a combination of fact and fiction. The story is about Wang So, a prince of Goryeo dynasty who was cursed to bring bloodshed into his country and so as a child was thrown out of the palace to live on its own in Geungnam mountain. When he was all grown up, his father, King Taejo requested him to return to the palace. Upon his return, the palace was attacked by assassins and the king was poisoned by a dagger. The dying king told him to secretly protect Goryeo and to find the person behind the attack whom he suspects as one of the palace's noblemen. Dressed as a poor swordsman, Wang So went to Gaebong to find the assassins and there he met Shin Yool. She's the last princess of Balhae who was cursed to bring light to another country while destroying her own nation. Shin Yool forced him to marry him and be his bride on the same day just to avoid her marriage to General Kwak. She had no idea that he's a prince and he had no idea what Shin Yool looks like as she was wearing a red veil on the wedding day and on their first night. When Wang So went back to Goryeo, he has to wed Princess Yeo Won through a royal marriage.

As of this writing, the series had aired 10 episodes already, I think the continuation of the story will evolve around the love triangle between Wang So and her two wives, Shin Yool and Princess Yeo Won, as well as how he will become the next King of Goryeo despite being known as the cursed prince.

What makes me love the series more is the fact that the castings are perfect!!! For me, Jang Hyuk (Wang So) is the best and hottest Korean leading man while Oh Yeon Seo (Shin Yool) is super pretty and wears the cutest smile. I can't contain my excitement for the next episodes!!! It's not even aired here yet in the Philippines and I only watch it through online streaming. The time slot is at 9:55 PM KST every Monday and Tuesday :)

Photos courtesy of MBC, Jang Hyuk Thailand and Shine or Go Crazy Thailand FB page

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