Bohol Countryside Tour

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Traveling experience wouldn't be complete without visiting the province of Bohol. Of course, who doesn't want to see the famous Chocolate Hills in actual. It is considered as one of the Philippines natural wonders and I'm glad I was able to visit for the first time, 'though at that time, it was drizzling. I also had encounter with the adorable tarsiers, they are small primates with big round eyes. Just be careful not to stress them because one of their unique characteristic is that they are suicidal. The Loboc River Cruise through the Floating Restaurant was also an experience we didn't miss. We really enjoyed the buffet lunch and the performance of the acoustic singer. It was nice to hear the song 'Anak' (orig. by Ka Freddie Aguilar) while eating and sightseeing.

Btw, here's our itinerary for the Countryside Tour:

Tarsier Sanctuary
Butterfly Garden
Man-Made Forest
Hanging Bridge
Chocolate Hills
Loboc River Cruise
Phyton Sanctuary
Blood Compact Shrine
Baclayon Church - destroyed by earthquake and  undergoing re-construction

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