Sunday, July 06, 2014

     Baler is the provincial capital of Aurora province. Aside from its historical background and cultural heritage,
it is considered as one of the best travel destinations in the country. Being accessible via land travel from Metro Manila, I can consider it as the best place for weekend getaways. The place is so popular for surfing activities. Every October of each year, Sabang Beach starts to produce large waves which professional surfers get to enjoy. An Aurora Surfing Cup is being hosted by the town every February. During summer is the best time for moderate waves, perfect for beginners like me. And no need to worry about tutorials as there are local surfers near the beach that offer surf lessons and board rentals. Being able to surf perfectly amidst so many stumbles is a fulfilling experience. I had an extreme body pain after an hour of surfing.

    Aside from the beach, Baler is also known for another natural wonder, the Ditumabo falls. Geographically, the falls is located in San Luis, a town near Baler. In order to reach the hidden treasure, you'll need to hike for 4 kilometers. You can opt to ride a tricycle but still need to trek the remaining kilometer because you'll need to walk through a shallow river with big smooth rocks. The water from the mother falls flows from above the cliff of 140 feet, the water is so cold and crystal clear, perfect to dip on a hot summer. Huge pipes can be seen along the trail as the falls provides water supply and electricity for several towns of Aurora.

     The giant Balete tree, known as 'The Millennium Tree', which is the largest of its kind in Asia can be found in Maria Aurora, another town near Baler. The tree is said to be around 600 years old, with a height of about 200 feet and 49 feet in diameters. Our group, which consists of up to 20 people were able to pose altogether on its roots. It is warm and dark inside the tree, there are openings where tourists can enter. Pictures taken here can be easily uploaded as the Millenium Park is a free wi-fi area.

Day 1

0100    ETD from Manila
0700    ETA to Baler – Start of City Tour
           - Baler Church (San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Church)
           - Quezon Memorial Park (the birthplace of the late president Manuel L. Quezon)
           - Dona Aurora Aragon Quezon House (a house rebuilt in honor of the wife of the late Commonwealth     president)
          - Museo de Baler (houses artifacts and paintings of the history of Aurora Province)

1100    Lunch (restaurant infront of Museo de Baler)
1230    Check in (Aurora Polytechnic College dorm)
1330    Waterfalls tour
           - Ditumabo or Mother Falls (4km hike – 30-45 min)
           - Diguisit Falls
1800    Dinner
2200    Lights off (KJ lang hahaha)

Day 2

0700   Breakfast
0800   Surf/Beach
1100   Chill @ The Hungry Surfer restaurant
1200   Wash up (depends on check out time)
1300   Late Lunch @ Gerry Shan’s Place (buffet for P190)
1400   Pasalubong Tour
1500   ETA to Millennium Tree
1600   ETD from Baler
2200   ETA to Manila


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