Halloween Haunts: Scream Park Manila 2014

Saturday, February 15, 2014

           Yiheeee.. Who aren't fearful about the idea of entering a horror house or a zombie apocalypse? Well, I haven't been inside a horror house ever since and the idea of zombies? I just remembered the movie "Warm Bodies" where a zombie became mortal when he fell in love with a girl after eating her boyfriend's brain. However, all the fear can turn into fun here in Manila since the new horror theme park, 'Scream Park' opened last December. It is located near World Trade Center and will be open to terrify Filipinos, even foreign visitors, only until the end of March 2014. There are three attractions as of now, first is the Vigan-inspired street with a lot of zombies wearing Filipinia costumes. The main attraction is the horror house maze that will last around 15-20 minutes. Even though you're tough, I'm sure this maze will make you scream and shout, so better prepare your heart. Then, the last maze is outdoors which is the cemetery maze. Also a reminder that no taking of picture is allowed in the three mazes. By the way, all the zombies are good performers as well and they'll do a dance number for all the visitors inside the bar.

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