Puerto Princesa Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour

Monday, December 30, 2013

          The Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour was not originally part of our itinerary, however, on our last day in Palawan, when we still have some hours to spare, we've decided to give this a try. Surprisingly, this became one of my favorite tours. It was like boating in the brackish waters of the Amazon River. The boatman/tour guide was sharing facts about the mangrove forest and how mangroves (locally known as 'bakawan')  maintain the balance in our ecosystem. I have seen a lot of mangroves before but not as tall and abundant as what can be seen here in Palawan. It was nice to know that the main role of the mangroves is to protect coastal areas from erosion, storm surges and even tsunamis. They have very strong roots compared to other plants/trees. 'Tamilok', the wood worm that can be found inside the trunk of old mangroves is an exotic delicacy in the province and is eaten raw by local and foreign tourists.

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