Palawan Adventure: Irawan Eco-Park

Thursday, December 05, 2013

I'm quickly recalling what happened three months ago,on our first day of Palawan trip. I apologize for missing in action and for posting the adventure just now. I'm quite busy these past few months even during weekends. I'm sharing my photos of our Irawan Eco-Park tour in Puerto Princesa City, the very first activity we had on our 7-day Puerto Princesa - El Nido vacation. Originally, our vacay galore was intended for 5 days but we had extended our stay due to Typhoon Odette. I'll share more about the story on my next post. So when we landed at the airport, an agent of MAG Tours Palawan welcomed and invited us to their office. We waited there for the tricycle that will bring us to Irawan Art Café Gallery. Only tricycles are allowed to enter the protected area. When we got there, we really felt the tropical rainforest ambience, the weather was so perfect, it was actually cool and the grasses were moist. We also experienced few refreshing drizzles.

1. Irawan Art Café Gallery - Our first stop. Art works, handicrafts, paintings, souvenirs can be bought here, even sunglasses. :) The gallery has an old jeep which brought us to the forest for our zipline adventure. At the back is a restaurant where we ate our lunch (included in the package).

2. Skywalk - An activity for people who are not afraid of heights. Here we crossed along hanging bridges made of bamboo poles and are suspended in between trees. We were equipped with helmets and harnesses so it is safe if ever we slip.. Good thing, we didn't. :) By the way, there's a shallow river flowing underneath.

3. River Trail and Fish Feeding - I was amazed by the abundance of doctor fishes in this shallow crystal clear river. I usually see them in spas where they feed on people's dead skin. This time I gave them bread instead of soaking my feet in the water.

4. 1.3 km. Zipline Adventure - This is said to be the longest canopy zipline in Asia. It is classified as canopy because when you're hanging up there, the whole landscape you'll see is the uppermost portion of the forest, with the thickest group of trees. This is the main attraction of the Eco-Park. I preferred the Superman pose! :)

5. Butterfly Farm - After the zipline, the next way was toward the butterflies and caterpillars. There are actually different kinds of butterflies here but I wasn't able to take pictures of them.. they're too shy! But these creatures..they can make the person holding them happy in their own little ways.

6. Honey Bee Farm Tour/Demo - This is an educational one. The tour guide explained facts about the bee colony    and how honey is produced and extracted from their honeycombs. There was also a free taste of their honey products, and for me, so far it is the best tasting honey ever. 

7. Carabao Cart Ride -  We rode on the caretela being pulled by a carabao on our way back to the zipline area for around 10-15 mins. See how strong and hardworking our national animal is!

The tour ends after eating our late lunch back in Art Café Gallery. This day tour package cost us 1300 pesos/pax.

We would like to acknowledge Mr. John Paul Yu of MAG Palawan Tours for arranging our itinerary, tour inclusions and accomodations. They are surely DOT Accredited! :) For inquiries, please visit their website.

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