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Saturday, November 02, 2013

I need motivation.. and inspiration to be fit.. This would be my goal for the next three months, 'though it would be a big challenge for me, as we all know Christmas season is fast approaching. Two months ago, I was one of the most hard-working person to hit the gym, almost  3-4 times a week. All because I was preparing for our El Nido trip. I had to cut my rice, flavored drink consumption and of course, buffet visits. After our vacation, I'm now back to eating everything. To be honest, I'm not fat nor chubby, but I have a great problem with my tummy area wherein I get bloated most of the time and it has most of my fat deposits. Blame it on my type of job and genetics. According to gym experts, cardio exercises is the best solution to my problem. Burn baby burn! Meanwhile, ab exercise is for those who have flat tummy already because 4-packs/6-packs won't appear if you still have fat deposits that can cover the muscles. May be next week, I'll start hitting the gym again. By the way, I enrolled my self for  a year and I still have 4 months remaining at Shapes & Curvz Gym. They are one of the best gyms in Mandaluyong area that have complete and world-class equipment at affordable prices. :)

Shapes & Curvz Gym
#83 EDSA Mandaluyong City
INFRONT of Boni MRT Station

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