My Own Movie Review : World War Z

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

World War Z
Paramount Pictures

Rating: ★★★★★

When I first heard about this movie, i thought it was an action film that would bore me and just because it was Brad Pitt in the lead role so I must watch. Before we head to the cinema, I've been reading a lot of tweets and FB posts that it is such a good film so those convinced me to watch. At the very start of the movie, the character of Brad Pitt as Gerry Lane was shown as a family man, with wife and two kids, both girls. He was so handsome with his long blonde hair and clear blue eyes. Then came the zombie outbreak... yes.., at the beginning of the movie it was already full of suspense and thrill. Those who were bitten by zombies will become one as well in a matter of 8 seconds. Gerry's journey began when he needs to find a cure to the pandemic and discovered that a 'camouflage' was the answer. He found out that the zombies only feed on healthy human bodies and ignore people with deadly disease. In the end, a vaccine with deadly but curable pathogens were developed and was injected to the people and to the troops that are battling against the mass of zombies.

Although there were lots of zombie apocalypse movies out there, I still find this one enjoyable and thrilling because it has a different story. Plus factor is that Gerry Lane is such an ideal husband and father, who will do everything for the sake of his family.

    Before the movie...

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