Summer 2013 : Boracay Activities

Sunday, May 12, 2013

In just 2-3 weeks from now, sad to say, but we must say goodbye to summer and say hello to the rainy season. Being in a tropical country like the Philippines is so much fun, I'm sure filipinos can find rainy day activities that are enjoyable too. But before summer officially ends and since this weekend is considered a long one, I'll start to post blogs of my summer adventures. :)

Last April, I've been in Boracay for the third time, for me, I still find it as the best beach in the Philippines. Aside from sunbathing and swimming on its powdery, white sand beach,  4-5 days of stay is not enough to experience all the activities the island has to offer. I've already blogged about my experience in this paradise last year (see archive). This time I'd like to share some activities I've tried for this year.

1. Picture Taking at Trick Art Museum

One of the activities which will not require too much of your energy. You'll just need to pose with the paintings on the wall, snap wonderful photos and let everyone's imagination be trickled.

2. ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) Ride

Although there is an orientation on how to drive these vehicles, everyone must be very careful when driving ATV as there are lots of slopes and curves on the way to the highest peak of the island. We've signed a waiver that the atv company will not be held liable for any accident that might happen. But I swear, this activity is worth the risk, on the spot you'll learn how to control the speed, the turns and the breaks. Tip: Keep your focus on the road and always wear your helmet!

3. Zorb

Another risky adventure, an air-filled gigantic ball with up to three pails of water poured inside, you'll surely slide as it rolls from the top of the hill downwards. The anticipation and the nerves makes it more exciting. It only lasted for more or less than 25 seconds with maximum of 3 persons per ride. Expect to get wet! :)

4. Skycycle

A environment-friendly ride for not-so-acrophobic people, it doesn't require any electrical power, only through manual pedaling in order to move forward. Each car is composed of a pair of bicycles attached to an elliptical railings several feet above the ground. Tip: Take a deep breath and never look down! :p

5. Parasailing

One of the expensive activities in Boracay, this is the most breath-taking and worth the money experience. You'll get to ride in a parachute for 15-20 minutes while being pulled by a luxurious speedboat with music. You'll get to see the whole shore and the wide blue sea while relaxing, enjoying the wind on top of everybody.

6. Swimming/Picture-taking at Puka Beach

Since the white sand beach of Boracay is highly commercialized and crowded especially during summer, you can still find a serene and quiet beach on the other side of the same island. Puka beach is another natural wonder, although its white sand is rough compared to the sand in the main beach because of the abundance of puka shells.

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