My Own Movie Review : Iron Man 3

Sunday, April 28, 2013

(Marvel Studios)

Rating: ★★★★

Watching movies... one of my favorite stress-reliever. I can say that watching movies is a hobby. I could've saved a lot of money if i prefer to stay at home instead of watching movies. But who cares?! I'll never get tired of going to the cinemas because this keeps me relaxed and happy, with all the stress that I'm getting from work. I know that it is a routine that every Saturdays, if I don't have other appointments, me and 'the boyfie' will watch together, he enjoys it a lot too. Although it is a 'routine', we ensure that every film we watch has its own distinctive plot so it'll never bore the two of us. Because there's numerous movies in a year, sometimes, I forget what exactly happened in a movie if I have to make a flashback. Since I have this blog, I've decided to create my own movie review portion. This is not to critize or spoil any film or anyone, I just want to list down all the movies I've watched and their highlights.

The first on the list will be Iron Man 3. I'll be doing a review based on the perspective of a young woman who hasn't watched the prequels, Iron Man and Iron Man 2. Surprisingly, yes, I haven't watched them both!! (Tao nga ba??! Hehe) .. Indeed, Iron Man is an international phenomenon, an American superhero film based on Marvel Comics.

Robert Downey Jr., is one of the hottest man in his age, playing the lead role as of course as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Tony Stark is best described as 'The Mechanic', genius inventor, billionaire, playboy and a superhero when in his Iron Man suit. The story started showing  that Tony has been obsessed in creating multiple Iron Man suits and Pepper, his girlfriend, portrayed by the ever beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow, was fed up with it. She wants more time with Tony, and it's like a love triangle between her, Tony, and the suits. Another conflict starts with a flashback of 1999 when a crippled scientist Aldrich Killian wants Tony's backing in his founded company AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics). Tony, obviously avoiding Aldrich,  let him wait for long hours without showing up. At the present day, Aldrich has became rich and develops Extremis virus, it can heal wounds, regenerate body parts affected by crippling injuries, produce extreme heat and breathe fire. He infused it to several soldiers but it has a flaw that the person might explode if not metabolized properly. To cover up the imperfection, he made believe the people that the explosions were attacks made by terrorists. He destroyed Tony's mansion, and JARVIS, Iron Man's Artificial Intelligence brought wounded Tony to a rural area many miles away, and the people believed him to be dead. He met a 10-year-old boy Harley, whom he became his sidekick in investigating local explosions.

Aldrich has kidnapped Pepper and injected her with Extremis. He has also attacked the President, aboard Air Force One.Tony to the rescue, came to save Pepper, while James, his bestfriend, the 'Iron Patriot', came to rescue the President. Tony summons all his suits, controlled by JARVIS, to help him with the battle. Before he can save her girlfriend, Pepper fell from 200 ft., he thought she was dead.  He had a one on one fight with Aldrich. Because of the Extremis, Pepper had survived the fall and at the end of the day, she, with her superhuman strength, was the one who saved Tony and killed Aldrich. After all the chaos, Tony instructed JARVIS to destroy all the suits in order to devote more of his time to Pepper. Pepper through surgery had removed the Extremis from her body. Tony had decided to remove his arc chest reactor and threw it to the sea. He believed he can be Iron Man even without the suit. In the post-credits scene, the words, "Tony Stark will return" appeared on the screen.

In my opinion, I was able to catch up with the story given the fact that I wasn't able to watch the prequels. All the scenes are amazing and the special effects are perfect especially if you'll get to watch it on IMAX 3D. With the crystal clear images, I even saw Gwyneth Paltrow's pores, but indeed, she is so beautiful in her corporate attire. I like her abs too, showcased when she was wearing a sports bra while kidnapped. For the first time, It was also nice to have Tony Stark teaming up with a kid, Harley. Their conversations put a comic relief in the movie. I believe this movie will have another sequel, so I'll just wait for this one. Two thumbs up for this movie!! :)


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