Callalily Mall Tour: The Day I Became a Lily

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I would like to share how I became a fangirl for a day. I'm not really into watching gigs and mall shows but one time when my mother and younger sister were at the mall, we witnessed a crowd at the event center of SM Marilao. We got curious and knew that it was the band Callalily who will perform. My sister really admires Callalily (especially the vocalist Kean Cipriano) and insisted that we should watch. In order to get a seat, we had to buy their latest CD, 'Flower Power'. The event coordinator was kind enough to allow the three of us to enter because the usual allowed per CD is up to two persons only. Surprisingly. the front act of the said mall show was Gracenote. It was my first time to hear their songs and see them perform live. I was amazed by their musical talent and give-all performance. Eunice Jorge, the vocalist of Gracenote was so good together with Kean. Callalily performed almost all the songs in their latest CD, it was a blast and everyone enjoyed their performances. I see myself standing on a monoblock chair right in front of the stage and the guard was asking me to go down. **fangirling**

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