Baguio City: Panagbenga Festival 2013

Saturday, March 30, 2013

There are too many beautiful places to visit in Baguio City, with the naturally cool temperature of the whole city, no wonder it is called the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Late last month of February, I was so blessed to witness the city's most awaited grand float parade, it was part of their annual and month-long Panagbenga Festival (Flower Festival). Although the Panagbenga float parade was held the same day as the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga, the crowd was really unbelievable and according to the annual visitors, it is getting larger and larger each year.

Day 1: Check-in and Boat Ride at Burnham Park

          Since we don't have our own transport, we've chosen Victory Liner bus as our mode of transportation. Imagine, one week ahead before our travel, I bought tickets but I wasn't able to get a deluxe trip and a good departure time because all the tickets were sold-out already. I got tickets for a Saturday 5:30 AM departure and we arrived at the city almost around 1:00 in the afternoon. We stayed at the Supreme Hotel. It is far from Burnham Park but it is mpretty much closer to the town of La Trinidad, Benguet. For the remaining hours, we stayed at Burnham Park for boat riding and food tripping.

At the Burnham Park (Second day shot ito, haggardness kasi yung sa first day :p)


Day 2: The Grand Float Parade, Baguio Botanical Garden, Wright Park, The Mansion and Mines View Park
The most awaited part of our trip was of course, the Grand Float Parade. The extravagant floats were filled with colorful flowers native to Baguio City. During the parade, there was no way for us to get near them, all the streets were so crowded. We've waited until afternoon when they were all parked in an open field, then we were able to take close-up shots.

 Baguio Botanical Garden side trip.. . :)
 Go horseback riding and eat strawberry-flavored taho at the Wright Park.
 The nearest you can get at the Mansion.

Breathe the freshest air at the Mines View Park.

Day 3:  Check-out time. :'( Strawberry Farm and Camp John Hay
After eating breakfast on our last day, we headed to La Trinidad to pick fresh and luscious strawberries. We harvest them at the farm owned by Benguet State University. It was a fun experience and we were allowed to eat some inside the farm, although per kilo is a bit pricey compared to just buying them outside.

After we checked out at the hotel, carrying all our stuffs, we stayed the remaining hours at Camp John Hay.
There are a lots of restaurants, expensive hotels, and activities here. This is where we spend the remaining hours. We ate lunch, target shoot, stroll and take a lot of pictures.

Target Shooting at Camp John Hay

Twilight peg. I love my background. <3

The Bell House.

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