Paskuhan sa Tayabas

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Positive vibes.. Positive vibes.... Whew.. It's too hard to think of anything to share with my blog readers nowadays. This is my very first post for this year and since  November last year. I've been busy and i was a lazy ass for the past two months. But ending the year 2012 was fun indeed, I get to meet my relatives in Quezon Province. It was the second time I get to attend to Salvania family reunion. I know this is late but I still want to share some photos of our get together to show how proud I am to be part of our family. Yes.. family.. because I don't consider us as a 'clan' yet. The fact is there are only a few Salvanias in the Philippines and were almost extinct. But luckily, all of my relatives are nice, sweet and peace-loving people. So voila! Let me share the memories to the whole world. :)

Reunited... Group picture of all ages.

Agawan barya moments. :) 
Aside from the parlor games and prizes, what we enjoyed most were the food, especially the 'hardinera' of tita Salem. It is a traditional recipe in the province of Quezon, similar to embutido but shaped like leche flan. 

Finally, I now have pictures with my tito pari, Rev. Fr. Antonio C. Salvania. I have the biggest respect for this man, when we became a victim of a failed (educational) pre-need firm, my parents didn't have enough money to send me to college, God quickly answered our prayers and my uncle whole-heartedly sponsored my education. He was a Catholic priest assigned in Taiwan then. Filipino community in Taiwan loves and respects him as well. Now, he is assigned as the parish priest of Ilasan, Quezon. 

With my beautiful and smart cousins.. 
The original theme was red, the last minute, tito Tony decided to change it to yellow.
Father, mother and sissy. 
My dad's face is still distorted, he had stroke a year  ago. :'( Our parents got married in their 30's that's why me and my sister Janine look so young.. LOL! :p

 PEACE... the theme of our shirts.. Tito Tony provided all of us with these yellow shirts..

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