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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lately, I've noticed that my skin is not as young as before. I always suffer from dry skin and this is very alarming. I need to do something as early as now, even before reaching my silver year of existence. My skin needs rehydration and  I know drinking plenty of pure water is not enough. I don't usually spend my hard earned money on beauty products but upon realization, at that moment, i hit the mall for one objective, to look for a new skin care regimen. The Face Shop, the leading natural beauty brand in Korea is my personal choice because it brings together science and nature to deliver best product for our skin.
Here are some of the products I'm currently using:
Marine Plant Stem Cell
Cell Revive Moisturizer (P995)
Skin invigorating moisturizer formulated with the vitality and hydating elements of marine plant stem cells (Breton Glasswort).
Phyto Powder in Cleansing Foam - Olive (P395)
Removes impurities and dead skin cells, contains olives which are known for its excellent moisturizing benefits.

A D-I-Y facial mask, each pack costs P95 (I bought at a sale price of P65) which is much cheaper compared to facial mask services offered in salons. There are variety of facial masks available at the store, for now, I'm trying on these two:
Real Nature Mask Pomegranate
A lifting/radiance mask sheet containing pomegranate extract rich in vitamin B1 and B2 and minerals to improve resilience and provides moisturized radiance to the skin.
Real Nature Mask Red Ginseng
A highly nourishing/revitalizing mask sheet containing extract of 6-yr-old Korean red ginseng rich in saponin, a supplement to care for tired and languid skin.
Here's good news! I got a freebie, a Flebote White Crystal Basic Care Set for a minimum of P1500 worth of purchase. It consists of white crystal brightening toner, white crystal effect essence, brightening emulsion, and moisture radiance cream. I've been trying these for a week now and it shows immediate results, it brightens my skin and added moisture and softness.

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