Mt. Tapyas + Maquinit Hot Spring

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Coron Day 3 Part 2! :p

After our island hopping experience, fresh from shower, Rad and I went to the foot of Mt. Tapyas. As they said, it is about 700 hundreds steps in order to reach the top (I wasn't able to count). It was challenging for me since I'm a person who is too lazy to do any physical activity. I was super inis and unpatient all the time while walking upstairs. I met some foreign men, they keep on saying "You can do it! Just a few more steps..!" and at least it made me smile and kept me motivated. The whole view of Coron from the summit was worth the leg muscle pain and perspiration. We stayed there until sunset. :)

As we go down, the tricycle driver we contracted was waiting to bring us to the hotspring. The tricycle service costs P300. The road going to Maquinit was so dark, creepy and seemed enchanted. The only lightsource we had was from the vehicle. It was muddy and there were instances we got stuck. When we reached our destination, we saw a lot of people and parked cars. The entrance fee is P150 per person.

The steamy Maquinit Hotspring... It took me about 20 minutes before I was able to soak my body in water because it was really hot. It is perfect to go here at night but they only accept entrances until 8PM (and can stay until 10PM).

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