Loner Lunch: Tender Bob's

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Back to my old self, one Saturday i found myself having loner lunch at Tender Bob's. It was not yet lunch time but I was a hungry carnivore craving for pure meat. :|

My US Peppercorn Steak, a 6 oz. flat iron steak crusted with freshly ground pepper. At first i thought i made a wrong choice of food because it was not a girly food, about a tablespoon of pepper was covering the meat and I call it a 'hell food'. But then I love spicy food, the US steak was so flavorful and more tender compared to domestic meat. I preferred mashed potato and vegetables as sidings instead of rice, then a refreshing bottomless lemonade as thirst quencher.
I always want it well-done.
Toothpicks must be ready, those pepper bits may get stuck in between teeth.. :)

Tender Bob's SM The Block
Landline : (632) 4420129

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