Coron Island Ultimate Tour

Sunday, October 07, 2012

For our Day 3 in Coron, we've chosen another tour from Coron Galeri. With six destinations, the Ultimate Tour costs a cheaper rate of P650/pax including picnic lunch.
1. CYC Island

This is a small island surrounded by a shallow body of water. As our first destination for the day's tour, we stayed here for around 15 to 20 minutes. We were not able to swim here but instead took pictures under the heat of the morning sun. There are kittens and a dog that lives in it and even the caretaker of the island was clueless where they came from. :p

2. Coral Eden

From the name itself, Coral Eden is the perfect place for snorkeling and fish-feeding activities. The area is filled with coral reefs and colorful fishes so better not forget to bring snorkeling gear here. I had to borrow one from the boatman and pay a rental fee of a hundred bucks.

3. Twin Peaks Reef

So-called Twin Peaks because of a pair of small and big cliff surrounded by water. This spot is also rich in coral reefs and good for snorkeling. However, the water is not as clear as the water in Coral Eden.

4. Isla Bulungan Beach

This small shore has the picturesque combination of cliffs and trees.
I wished to see a balinsasayaw bird but I haven't seen any. This is where we had eaten our lunch. Inihaw na manok, fish and porkchop... no more crabs for Radney this time... :)

5. Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake.. known as the cleanest lake in Asia! Whew! I'm speechless and can't believe I was able to swim on its clarity. We did some up and down trekking to get to the blue lagoon and the whole view was breath-taking and really world-class.

7. Hidden Lagoon

The Hidden Lagoon was our last destination and may look ordinary once you've been to the best spots like the Coral Eden and Kayangan Lake. However, the most interesting characteristic of this lagoon is the warm and cold temperature of its waters which do not mix. The warmth on the under was felt by my feet and the coldness above was felt on my chest.

The whole tour finished at 4:30 in the afternoon and we still had the time to climb Mt. Tapyas. :)

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  1. Hi, I really love your photos. I haven't been to Coron and I would like to visit this year. Did you used a travel agency to book your trip? Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks.

    - Yzsa


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