Classic Flats

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I love reading fashion blogs of Camille Co, Laureen Uy, Dani Barretto, Divine Lee and Nicole Andersson. I'm so amazed how they carry their clothes and accessories, how they pose with gorgeous stuffs along many streets here and abroad. I came to realize that as much as I'd like to become a fashion blogger, great fashion sense really doesn't run on my blood. I'm happy with my usual top/shirt, short shorts and havs. Pity, I don't have enough confidence to mix-match and experiment. I better stick with my personal and anything-under-the-sun type of blog. :) 
Pambahay look daw... :p Normal excuses: 1. Pauwing probinsya 2. May dalang labahin..
In order to step up a little bit.. Yes, just a little bit! :p  I've decided that starting this week, I will no longer wear my all-around green tsinelas when going out on a date (rainy days exempted). Radney would tease me and considers himself "overdressed" whenever we go out for a movie or lunch then he's wearing his nice pair of shoes while I'm wearing my rugged havs. :|
For now, I will start with these classic Primadonna flats... I'm no fan of heels but when I saw Primadonna high heels collection, I think I've changed my mind. They have fabulous pairs at very affordable prices.

If anyone would like to give me a pair as a gift.. FYI.. they're size 6.. ;)

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