Mochi Creme : Japanese Ice Cream

Monday, September 03, 2012

Yesterday, I discovered my love for mochi ice cream...

Mochi is a traditional snack in Japan made of glutinous rice (in Tagalog: malagkit na bigas).  Mochi Ice Cream is a spherical ball made of mochi on the outside with ice cream on the inside.

Mochi Creme offers mochi ice cream in different colors and flavors.. Served chilled and is now the new confection craze for all ages.

Here are the flavors and prices:

1. Azuki Red Bean  - P 65
2. Green Tea           - P 65
3. Black Sesame     - P 65
4. Blue Vanilla         - P 65
5. Purple Yam         - P 60
6. Mango                 - P 60
7. Strawberry           - P 60
8. Chocolate            - P 60

Photos taken from Mochi Creme, SM The Block branch

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