Black Line on New iPad

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last Saturday, a black straight line (as thin as a hair strand) suddenly appeared on my one-week-old iPad. I was wondering what seems to trigger this problem but it was like  because of dead pixels. Since it was just new and under warranty, Rad and I immediately took the iPad to Avant (Abenson) Trinoma where it was purchased. The salesman checked on the unit and look for any scratches or signs that it fell to the ground but didn't see any. He gave us two options to either let them report the defect to Apple and wait for replacement for up to 2 months or for us to bring it directly to the nearest Power Mac Service Center.

We've decided to bring it to the nearest Power Mac store which is also located in Trinoma, 2F near House of Obagi and Seattle's Best Coffee. It is a temporary store and the original one is under renovation. The salesperson did a hard reset on the unit but the black line was still there. She said that their service center is unavailable for now due to ongoing renovation and suggested to go to their branch in Greenbelt 3, Makati. Whew! Too much of a hassle for us but we still went to Greenbelt because we really wanted the iPad to get fixed. According to the representative of the Service Center who inspected on the unit, the LCD was impacted and it cannot be fixed but rather a replacement will be given. We surrendered the unit and was advised to wait for 2-3 weeks to a maximum of 1 month for the replacement iPad to arrive. Until now, I'm still patiently waiting for a brand new one again! :)

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