Jatujak (cha-tu-chak) + ArtNow Exhibit + 'The Healing'

Sunday, August 05, 2012

In order to post-celebrate Rad's 26th year of existence, we had some pampering at Let's Face It salon for a facial session in the morning. After that, for lunch, we tried Thai food in Jatujak Restaurant, SM Mall of Asia  branch. I came to know that Jatujak (Cha-tu-chak) is a district in Thailand well-known for having the largest market in the country.
A new twist to our taste buds.. Fried Rice with Crabmeat (Kao Pad Poo), Garlic Squid, Crispy Pork and Mixed Fresh Noodles.. The looks and idea are similar to Filipino dishes, however, there is a distinct aftertaste of Thai.. I just can't explain.. :)
ArtNow for EveryONE exhibit at the main mall Atrium... (while waiting for 'The Healing').. We love the painting where all the considered villains of Philippine cinema are rebels.. (Celia Rodriquez, Bella Flores, Bembol Roco, etc.).. The exhibit will run until August 8.

Worth the wait horror/suspense film, 'The Healing'.. The casts portrayed their roles very well, especially Vilma Santos, Robert Arevalo and Martin del Rosario ... Although there is a series of deaths like in 'Final Destination', the story behind it is something new. The playfulness of the characters and the motifs in every scene reflects the genius of the director, Chito Roño.. I really like the unique concept wherein in the first scene, all the characters are wearing white.. next their wearing blue.. then red.. then yellow.. :)

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