When we were just friends..

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The photo below was taken when we were just 'friends' a year ago..

I remember him calling me 'little sis' and teasing me all the time for being single and emotera.
I remember him being a constant spoiler for all the blockbuster movies I'm planning to watch alone (Can you imagine how sad is that??!!)....
I remember him having epal comments in many of my emo posts in facebook.
But because I'm already immune to all his pang-aasar, I don't get mad and just call him 'bwisit' or 'adik' instead.

Now, we are calling each other 'honey', 'bebe', 'pie pie', etc. (any terms of endearment is applicable)
Now, I'm no longer a loner in cinemas.. We always watch movies together.. (How sweet is that??!!)...
Now, I don't post that much in facebook.. (Except for my blog links...)

Happy 10th month to us!!! :) (In advance, tomorrow pa kasi.... :p)

July 2011, Nagsasa Cove, Zambales

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