My Childhood Watercolor Art

Saturday, July 14, 2012

When I was 10 years old, I thought I am as talented as CJ de Silva, the child painter in a Promil commercial. Of course, it was just a childhood fantasy and I am not as talented as her, very very far from her talent. But at that time, i was inspired to create my own works of art using an ordinary elementary watercolor (the one I used in MAPE). My dad kept some of them in an envelope together with my old testpapers. I saw it today and they put a big smile on my face. :) So funny that even my signature then was patterned on hers..

My backyard-inspired painting.. a palmera, a narra tree and a butterfly..

A palette... balloons...rose....face of a woman.. anything colorful..

Mother and child... Inspired by Malang.. (wow.. level-up)

Nationalistic side..
Moro vinta..

Bulaklak ng kangkong..


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