Manila Ocean Park Experience

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I've been working for 2 years and 5 months now, and it's true that sometimes we wish we were students again. It's been 3 years since college but yesterday, I feel like an elementary student having an educational field trip at Manila Ocean Park. Luckily, it was a bright, sunny Saturday beside the Manila Bay. Our tickets were bought at Metrodeal and we were able to experience six attractions at cheaper price and with a perfect weather.

First attraction: Oceanarium.
We were amazed by the different kinds of marine animals, from tiny fishes to large sharks and sting rays. I've learned lots of trivia about these animals and I was able to name some of them. I hope this blog post would be very educational both for kids and adults.

Some of the notable creatures are Giant Arapaima, Giant Gourami, Alligator Gar, Tiger Barbs, Trevally and Cowfish....... I put their names on the pictures but they're too small, hope you can read it. :)

Second attraction: Trails to Antarctica.
It involved three activities: Slide O' Fun, Penguin Exhibit and Snow Village. It was my first time to see a real penguin. :) We were able to slide on ice before getting inside the Snow Village, where we lasted only for less than 2 minutes because it's really cold and it felt like our blood was also freezing.

Third attraction: Jellies (Dancing Sea Fairies). This was my very favorite because I love colors. We saw six species of Jellyfish. These jellies feed on zooplanktons and fish larvae. Blubber Jellyfish and Bizen Jellyfish are being enjoyed as food in other South East Asian countries like China and Japan. Other species are Upside-Down JellyfishMoon Jellyfish which do not sting humans, Amakusa Jellyfish and Spotted Jellyfish which is also known as Octopus Jellyfish in Japan.

After the jellies, we watched two plates at Mega 4D rider, then we had lunch at Seoul Dosirak. They have wallpapers of famous Korenovelas. We simply ordered a couple set which includes 2 drinks. We ate while watching K-Pop on their Smart TV.

Fourth Attraction: the Marine Life Show......
We met two very smart sea lions, Sandra and Vincent. They were so funny and the kids beside us really enjoyed their show.

Fifth Attraction: All-Star BirdShow
The parrots played basketball and shapes.. The cuckatoo knows how to do the math. I noticed that there's an unattended baggage near me which we thought was left by someone but later on we knew that it was part of the show. It is where the large yellow snake was secretly hidden.

Sixth: The Musical Fountain Show that started around 7PM because it needs to be dark. It was worth the wait, the dancing fountains and bright colorful lights were spectacular. It was another first time for me. They also projected some Nemo characters on water and it was really really fantastic!

It was a really fun-filled experience. I realized that there are many lives under the sea and we should learn how to protect them from being endangered. Let us dispose our wastes here on land properly and do not let it ruin their natural habitat.

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