Five Cows Resto and Ice Cream Bar plus Rock of Ages...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Disclaimer: This is a one-week late post. :) I've been very busy last week and don't have the time to share it right away.

Last last Sunday, we've moved to a more spacious, comfy and outer condo unit, still at GA Tower. This will be our 3rd 1-year contract. Thanks to boyfie for helping me dissasemble and re-assemble my cabinet, all my heavy stuffs and for buying a new Uratex foam. After hours of lipat-bahay and tagaktak-pawis, we were so hungry and went to Trinoma for some refreshments. We can't go a day in Trinoma without hanging out at Timezone and everytime we are there,  I get so curious about the near resto, Five Cows,  maybe because my eyes get easily attracted to the colorful neon lights of their logo and I want to feature it in my blog. Wow, I just noticed that my personal blog is now turning itself into a food blog. At that time, we were craving for cakes and we saw in their menu that they have ice cream cakes so we've decided to go inside and give it a try.

I liked the ambience inside. The walls are all white with some picture frames. The chair and tables are wooden and also painted in white. The staffs have cow stuffed toys in their heads. They also have a separate bar for flavored shaved ice (which i was not able to try, maybe on my next visit).

Their menu is simply colorful and very descriptive. Ice cream cakes are their bestsellers.
Ayiieeee.. Thank you so much for the help.. <3

I ordered this After Eight Cake.This is made of layers of chocolate chip ice cream, mint ice cream, and choco cookie crust with dark chocolate frostings.

Their Old-Fashioned Banana Split...

And the very tasty... Creamy Beef and Mushroom Pasta. We will surely go back again for this.

After our merienda, before going home, we spent the rest of our time to watch Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise's character in the film 'Rock of Ages'). You will indeed have a very good time watching this movie if you are fond of musical and old school Rock and Roll. I find Tom Cruise oh-so-hot in his character as a famous rock star and lead of his band Arsenal.

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