Chewy Jr. , The White Hat and Oki Oki in Trinoma

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Today, I decided to savor every moment with my one and only love love. May iba pa ba?? :) I want to feature in my blog our Sunday date. We're actually mall rats during the weekends! First, we watched the sci-fi film 'Prometheus'.  I haven't watched the trailer so at first I thought it was another mythological film. The story revolves inside the spaceship 'Prometheus' and in the distant moon LV-223 where they landed. The setting is futuristic, it happens in the late 21st century (2093). The scientists' mission is to find the 'Engineers', the aliens they believed to have created humanity as they have same DNA as humans. If I will give it a rating, 5 being the highest, I'll give it a 3 because there are many questions left unanswered and I don't like the idea that humans are created by aliens.

For merienda, we've munched on these little chewy cream puffs from Chewy Jr. Blueberry Cream Cheese is my favorite. Soooo creamy on the inside....

Beside Chewy Jr. is The White Hat. We've shared on Italian frozen yogurt with mangoes and cheese cake toppings. We saw Close Up commercial model/starstruck avenger Ian Batherson buying but I was shy to take a photo of him.

For Dinner, we tried Japanese food at Oki OKi. We ordered Gyosha, Gyudon and Ebi Curry Don. Yummmy, but we were not able to finish all because we're so full... :)

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