Friday at Healthway (SM The Block)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yesterday I was at Healthway (SM The Block) for my Annual Physical Exam. I love the place, it's near the newly opened Forever 21. It's so tiring to do all the steps: BP/Height/Weight, Drug Test, X-Ray, Blood Extraction, Family Medicine etc.. Whew, I now weigh 103 lbs.. I was like an errand girl who had to go back to the laboratory a lot of times and wait for my name to be called. I had to drink lots of water to be able to fill the two containers with pee for drug testing and urinalysis. What I didn't like was the dental check-up when the dentist simply asked me to open my mouth and in just few seconds advised that i should have dental fillings for my molars. I was surprised because I have an orthodontist that takes care of my teeth. They also took a photo of me and captured my fingerprints. The results will be forwarded to Accenture in a few days.

Healthway Reception:

Nurse Station:

Laboratory Window:

Drug Testing and Blood Extraction Area:

My left arm after blood extraction:

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